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Our History

Where did Onesector originate?

Ronald Ray first came to the Gold Coast from Sydney in 1954 when he was 26 years old to take up his new business venture which was to be the first milk run in town. Ron was kept busy with that and carpentry work for the next decade before he became one of the first industrial builders here on the Coast. He built 3 factories and a house in Miami (around Ozone Parade, if you’re in the area) that are still operating with tenancies in place. We are very proud of our long family history in this industry.

Michael Ray worked on many residential and commercial projects with his Dad (Ron) from the age of 16 and by 1993 had started Ray’s Industrial Constructions which became a market leader in Industrial Building. Not unlike his dad, Nick Ray also started out building at the age of 16 as an apprentice carpenter to Michael. Nick watched Michael’s skills and style closely and was accelerated through his teachings to become one of the youngest licensed builders in Australia. Nick and Michael have a total of over 200 industrial projects and a range of residential houses in their portfolio. Today Michael is taking a more relaxed approach to life while Nick is pressing on and striving to achieve his own goals moving into all types of construction QLD wide.

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